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Disney Theatrical Licensing


As a school you can choose to licence a full-length musical, a Disney JR. title or a Disney KIDS title.

Full-length musicals include two acts with an interval, JR. titles are 60 minute musicals and KIDS titles are 30 minute musicals. JR. and KIDS titles have been specifically designed for student performers.

All JR. and KIDS shows come with a ShowKit that includes extensive resource materials to help you create your production:

• The Director's Guide offers advice on everything from how to create a rehearsal schedule to fun games to play with your cast to help them develop characters

• Choreography DVDs provide suggestions for how to block and choreograph major musical numbers

• Accompaniment & Guide Vocal CDs contains all of the musical accompaniment for the production and include tracks with reference vocals, which your cast can use to learn their parts

We hope you enjoy the show, and break a leg

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