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Disney Theatrical Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a performing licence?

    Once a writer or writers (book writer, composer, lyricist) create a show, their work is copyrighted as intellectual property which they own (just like an inventor creates and patents a machine that she then "owns" and can then sell to other people to use). The copyright allows the writers to maintain control over their work and manage who performs it and how. A producer (like you) needs to obtain the performance rights, called a licence, to a copyrighted show, before it can be produced. Usually there is a fee attached to this.

    MTI Europe is responsible for licensing Disney titles and for preventing unlicensed productions as well as unauthorised changes to the script (book, music and lyrics). Presenting a show without a performance licence is illegal and may result in criminal punishment under the law. MTI Europe representatives can help guide you through every step of the licensing process and answer any additional questions you may have.

  • Do we have to pay for the whole show if we are only going to perform parts of it?

    Yes. The only way to obtain a legal version of a Disney show is to pay for the rights to the entire show. As the material you are licensing is covered by copyright law, which protects the integrity of the authors' work, any changes to the show as provided in the materials, including cuts, need to be approved by your licensing representative.

  • How do we obtain a licence for a Disney show?

    If this is your first time licensing a show, we have created a step-by-step instructional, 'A Guide to Licensing'– click here. Once you are ready to license a show you can go to the MTI Europe site – click here.

  • Can we peruse material from different shows before selecting one or obtain some sample information to show parents or administrators?

    Yes. Perusal request forms are available through the MTI Europe website. You may select up to four titles to be included in your package - click here.

    Please note: Receipt of a perusal does not necessarily indicate that a title is available for production. Please make sure you have received a valid Performance License before proceeding with any announcements, advertising or production plans.

  • How far in advance should I apply for a licence?

    The sooner, the better! MTI Europe accepts applications up to one year in advance. We recommend that you apply for a licence as soon as you're interested in doing a Disney show. Once an application has been submitted one of the members of the licensing team at MTI Europe will be in touch from anywhere between 30minutes up to 10 working days. You will receive an automatic email from our website detailing whether your application has been successful. In some instances we may not be able to license you a production, for example if the professional production is touring in your area.

    If successful, you will receive your performing licence after a few minutes of the automatic email. This licence needs to be counter-signed and returned to MTI Europe.

    IMPORTANT: MTI Europe are unable to provide any hire materials to you until they have received the counter-signed performing licence.

  • What do I do if I want to change the dates or a detail of my production?

    Should you wish to change any details of your application after your performing licence has been issued then please contact your MTI Europe representative as soon as possible. Please be aware that sometimes a request to change details cannot always be honoured.

  • I’ve never directed or mounted a play or musical before - HELP!

    All Disney JR. and KIDS shows come with a ShowKit that includes extensive step-by-step materials that will help you create your production. The Director's Guide offers advice on everything from how to create a rehearsal schedule to fun games to play with your cast to help them develop characters. The Choreography DVD provides suggestions for how to block and choreograph major musical numbers. The Accompaniment & Guide Vocal CD contains all of the musical accompaniment for the production and includes tracks with reference vocals, which your cast can use to learn their parts.

  • Can we make any changes to the script such as adding more characters or adding or cutting a song?

    No. When you are granted a performance licence, by law the show you license must be performed as it is written. Often directors believe they have the right to 'experiment' with the authors' intentions and want to make 'minor adjustments' to a show (such as changing the gender of a character or changing the name of a city to give it local significance). You do not have the right to make any changes at all unless you have obtained prior written permission from MTI Europe to do so. Without prior permission from MTI Europe, your actions may subject you to liability for breaching the terms of your licence agreement.

    Occasionally, new versions of shows are created when the authors or someone the authors have approved re-conceives the piece. However, only the authors have the right to make these revisions, and they rarely grant third parties permission to do so.

  • What are theatrical resources?

    In addition to providing the basic materials necessary to produce a show, MTI Europe also creates and provides instructional, educational and production materials as ancillary products that make production easier and promote the use of musical theatre in the classroom and other educational settings. They provide educators with the tools they need to put on live musical theatre, enhance their productions and maintain the integrity of the work.

    Theatrical resources which are available from MTI Europe include: logo packs, rehearsal score, study guides, transposition on demand and production slides.

    Further information is available here.

  • We really want to put on a Disney musical, but we don’t have any funding, Do you have any suggestions or tips?

    The Director's Guide that comes with your ShowKit provides a breakdown of expenses and will help you plan your budget.

  • Can I video my performance?

    MTI Europe is able to grant video rights for a small number of the shows where mechanical rights have been made available. There is usually a fee for one archive recording and another for making up to 100 copies to give to your cast and crew (not to be sold at profit/as merchandise). All Disney shows have video rights available.